Life Action Coaching is a personal coaching business helping people find purpose and renewal in their professional and personal lives. Coaching supports people to define success on their own terms, take charge of their lives, and create a compelling vision for their future that is linked to a practical action plan.

We live in a world of increasing complexity and continuous change. The more the world keeps us spinning the more important it is to be certain of what really matters in your life, who you are connected to, how you spend your time, and the direction you are headed. Unlike consulting or therapy, coaching guides you to develop your own strategy and plan for yourself with clarity and self-defined purpose.

Life Action Coaching offers a variety of services, allowing clients to select the coaching relationship that works best for them.

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Personal Coaching

One-on-One Coaching: The Focus is on You!

One-on-one coaching is an excellent short-term investment that gives you long-term results. It is a process of discovery, looking for the best parts of your self, and building on the gifts and talents you have. Together we explore possibilities and define practical steps to get past obstacles. The real benefit of one-on-one coaching is the highly personalized feedback and direction you receive, and the great support of being held accountable to your commitments. You learn skills and practices to start doing things that you really want and stop doing things that pull you down. Best of all, one-on-one coaching allows me to maximize the integration of psychological and spiritual principles into tangible and applicable practices for living a fulfilling, successful, and joyous life. This is the path to finding sustaining and deep change.

One-on-one coaching is effective for anyone, whether you are an executive wanting to take your game to the next level, or a professional wanting to realign your career and create more balance, or a visionary who's decided to finally put your great idea into action.

Coaching is a powerful and intimate experience; therefore, I strongly encourage in-person sessions. Personal coaching sessions make me smile, because the conversations are fun, serious, uplifting, practical, and inspiring. Individual coaching typically involves a commitment of six to nine months, with two sessions each month. Learn more about coaching and its benefits. Read what clients say about the experience of personal coaching.

Day of Renewal: One Client, One Coach, One Day

A unique form of personal coaching, a Day of Renewal offers an immersion into reviewing your life or some specific aspect of it, and defining actions to get more of what you wantĶto lead the life you love. From the moment you arrive, the focus will be on you, your issues, and the place you find yourself right now. Learn more about coaching and its benefits. Read what clients say about the experience of investing in themselves for just one day.

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Group Coaching

Your Best Year Ever: Living More of the Life You Want

There is great power in group coaching, and it is an excellent way to draw support, connection, and fun into the experience. These groups are limited to six to eight participants. We meet twice a month for six months. Through a fun and nurturing series of assessments and exercises, each woman chooses a specific personal goal as her focus during the group, and works closely with other women on assignments between sessions. This group is pure magic for me, and for the women who go through it. The design is meant to support you through a process of discovery. It will help you get unstuck; get clear about your values and priorities. You are guaranteed, by the end of this group, to have an action plan for what's important in your life, learn effective techniques to make it happen, and have taken concrete steps toward your goal. Meeting dates and times are agreed upon by the group. I convene these groups twice each year. Contact me for the times when I'm hosting an informational meeting. Learn more about coaching and its benefits. Read what clients say about the value they created for themselves in their Best Year Ever group.

Savvy Sisters: Deepening the Joy of Personal Power

Amazing women do amazing things, and the Savvy Sisters group takes what is accomplished in the Best Year Ever groups and accentuates it to an even deeper level. This coaching group meets once a month, at mutually agreed upon times, for nine months. It emphasizes practices in personal empowerment and somatic leadership, and builds upon the goals, plans, and relationships created in the Best Year Ever groups. The specific content and intended outcomes are tailored to the needs and desires of each group. This group is designed for women who are deeply committed to their own personal work, and want the structure and accountability of a strong support process. Only one Savvy Sisters' group is offered each year, and is limited to eight women. Contact me for more information about this advanced group coaching option. Read what clients say about how group coaching helped them create more of the life they want.

Success Clubs: Making It Happen!

Success Clubs are for motivated people who have a goal in mind and want the benefit of a coach and a team to make it happen. You may have a project within your company, an inspired idea that you want to cultivate outside of your corporation, a plan for a transition, a canvas or book that needs your attention, an innovative idea to develop, a product you want to sell, or your own personal project, such as developing your self-reliance or authenticity.

The same way you would join a group and engage a coach to help you train for a marathon, the Success Club will train for your own personal marathon. We will talk about the race, and develop what you need to build your body, mind and skills to accomplish it. You will learn specific strategies and powerful practices to sharpen your edge, enhance your endurance, and keep you grounded. We will explore the dark side of your hero's journey; and arm you with techniques that diminish the power of your obstacles. In the end you will finish the marathon in the time and style you imagined for yourself. You will be successful.

The Club is a maximum of eight people, and we meet as a group twice a month, for eight months. You also will have personal coaching with me every month. There are small groups and individual work between sessions, directly related to advancing your project. Our first and last meetings will be daylong retreats. You should plan on several hours a week of personal time. You will be taking on individual practices that compliment your success. These will include some form of daily stillness, journaling, somatic practices.

Contact me for more information about this committed group coaching option. You will be expected to be accountable for your word. You must be fully committed. It is your time and money - your success - on the line.

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Renewal Retreat Series

Come together for seasonal practices of reflecting and refreshing your life. Each quarter join like-minded women seeking connection and inspiration through ritual, creativity, personal exploration, movement and play.


I offer a range of established and tailored programs that help groups learn specific skills, engage difficult conversations, build high-performance teams, and explore creative expression. I love working with groups in these settings, and have a deep repertoire of experience in the following areas:

Clear Direction

Embodied leadership

Team possibilities

Effective communications

Conflict resolution

Fierce Conversations (Registered Trademark of Fierce Inc.)

Finding purpose and creating joy

Cycle of Renewal (Registered Trademark of Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara)

Planning for Change, Renewing Team Focus and Energy

Finding life balance

Transitions of mid life - finding your new life

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As a keynote speaker, I provide audiences with a compelling, inspiring, highly entertaining, and memorable presentation. Every keynote presentation I do is customized to fit the organization. During our initial planning meeting, I will ask your leadership team: "What do you want the participants to be thinking at the end of this presentation? And how do you want them to feel?"

Sample Keynote Presentations:

Life in Balance for Women Lawyers

Personal Purpose

Finding One's Life Passion

Juicy Living

Embodied Leadership

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Rituals & Ceremonies

I believe life should be celebrated. It is the small, day-to-day moments that create the lives we lead; yet people tend to only value something when they think others will hold it as important. I believe, however, that every action, every accomplishment, and every set back is, in its own way, a sacred moment.

What is sacred in your life? And, how do you honor it?

Rituals and ceremonies are ancient ways to pause and declare our gratitude, to acknowledge importance, to honor transitions, to share our delight, and to mark our disappointments. They give us anchors to what we hold precious.

I will create a ritual or ceremony that will reflect your intentions. Whatever you want to make sacred for yourself, such as consecrations of new homes, careers, businesses, life moments, beginnings, and endings.

Practitioner Mentoring

I supervise other coaches and coaches-in-training who want to take their coaching competence to the next level. I am a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation, am a Certified Coach with the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, and hold a Somatic Coaching Certification from the Strozzi Institute. I have extensive professional supervision experience, developed over 25 years in the counseling field. My supervision work focuses not just on assessment and development of advanced coach-client skills, but explores all that is involved in the interface between coach and client.

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