I love what I do.

My entire career has been about working in the rich mud of life, continually exploring ways to extract deep meaning and express great joy, and lovingly supporting others to find this wonder and engagement in their own lives.

I believe that each of us has a unique purpose to live and an unstoppable desire to express it. I'm passionate about digging down into this root source that is in each of us, and I delight in creating ways to turn unformed intention into concrete action that shapes the world. I am committed to helping people give thoughtful and grounded attention to their true inner desires for happiness and to get more of what they want in their lives.

Over the past 25 years of my professional career I have focused on two things, diving into the depths of my own life and building a sophisticated set of expertise to help others do the same. I feel I owe my business success to the combination of my sincerity in this work and my genuine interest in the lives of the people I meet every day.

I enjoy a reputation as a coach who gets results. The truth is, my clients get the results. What I get is a delicious sense of satisfaction to be so close a part of someone's awakening to their life and its possibilities.

I love what I do. Therefore, I take my work very seriously, and I have prepared well for it. I have a Masters and professional certification in Social Work, which I have applied to a wide range of settings, from counseling families struggling with abuse and dysfunction to coaching doctors in how to have more healing relationships with their patients, from work with individuals wanting to heal the past to helping couples find more balance in their relationship. I have post-graduate training with two of what I consider to be the best advanced coaching programs in the country. I have earned the title of Certified Coach from the Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara and of Certified Somatic Coach from the Strozzi Institute. Also, I am a Professional Certified Coach with the International Coaching Federation.

I have learned that not everyone who says they want to move more fully into their lives is really ready to take the first steps, or is willing to keep going once they have started. Everyone comes to this work in her/his own time. For me, though, my great inspiration is to work with people who are ready...ready to shed themselves of their stories about how things have been, and begin writing a new story about the life they'd really like to live. This is the work that gets me up in the morning. I love working with people facing transitions in their careers, struggling to find a right life/work balance, or realizing that they are now ready to grow in a new and bigger way.

I want to live a juicy life, one full and rich in experiences, relationships, and love. I am a dedicated yogini, a lover of hiking and camping, a wanna-be kayaker, an avid part-time gardener, and an adventure traveler. I love reading and discussing books with my book group of 15 years, meeting with my monthly women's Wisdom Circle, and have recently joined an art journal group. I am a gourmet vegetarian cook, and delight in a crowded dinning room table that lingers with warm conversation long after dessert is finished. I celebrate life every day, through ritual and laughter. I live in Edmonds, Washington with my husband of 25 years, and have two grown children with whom I laugh often.

I believe that...

everyone has the capacity to create a life that is balanced, fulfilling meaningful,

coaching provides a highly effective and efficient method to helping people advance their lives in the direction of their goals and dreams

we can access great wisdom, have authentic engagement, and make sustaining change by working directly though the physical body, and

I can make a positive difference in the world through coaching.

I want to work with people who...

are interested in living life by their own measures of success,

long to design lives to match their values, and

want to ignite their imaginations to stretch themselves.

I build coaching experiences that allow people to...

be more reliable to themselves for their own success,

take effective and focused action, immediately,

create momentum and more easily get sustained results,

set better and achievable goals than they might have without a coach,

stop putting up with what is dragging them down, and

know the creativity, aliveness, and joy of living fully awake.

Debbie's Bio

Debbie Daniels, master coach, speaker and facilitator, enjoys a well-earned reputation for inspiring holistic and life changing experiences for her clients. Her 25 years of experience in personal development and professional effectiveness is the foundation from which she provides life coaching, leadership development, and team training. She is passionate about her work, supporting others to find their life purpose and put it into action.

Debbie's great strength is helping people moving into new territory in their lives. Career changes, new stages of life, having children, mid-life transitions, retirement, and wanting to respond to an inner calling are just a few examples. Her clients have included executives, business owners, healthcare providers, professors, law firms, artists, and at-home moms. Her academic preparation includes a Masters in Social Work specializing in group dynamics and therapy, and post-graduate certifications in counseling, personal development, and coaching.

Debbie is credentialed through the International Coaching Federation, The Hudson Institute of Santa Barbara, and the Strozzi Institute. She also holds advanced credentialing by the National Association of Social Work.

Debbie lives in Edmonds, Washington with her husband and two grown children. Debbie is a dedicated yoga student, an avid outdoor adventurer, and an enthusiastic traveler.

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